This blog began as an exercise in making sense of the profound effect that the Occupy movement had on me and I would like to reserve a place for thoughts relating to Occupy in this blog. Occupy’s power and potential pressed upon me the urgency to write in a larger historical and political context, marking an origin for the project of this blog. Those posts, together with other commentaries on politics and links to Occupy-related Media will appear in the category:
Occupy – Politics.

As a philosopher first, who loves wisdom and seeks a joyful/critical engagement with concepts, many of the posts in this blog will be on this topic.  Thoughts on ontology, metaphysics, religion, myth, science, ethics, etc. will be found in:

I have also begun experimenting with a category called ‘Critical Fantasies’.  Here, stories from all over the cultural field, with an emphasis on fantasy, will be interpreted to bring out their significance for philosophy and/or contemporary political issues.
Critical Fantasies.

Everything else (sometimes poetry or rant or short comments). Will be in “Wandering Thoughts”.
Wandering Thoughts.

My name is Bill Rose and I received a BA in Philosophy at The University of California Santa Cruz in 2009.



One thought on “About”

  1. Bill,

    I am so happy to have found your writing on Miyazaki’s Nausicaä manga. I am working on a study guide for the Environmental Youth Forum at the California Film Institute (CFI) in San Rafael, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is one of the films being shown and discussed. Yours is exactly the analysis I sought to present the students with about the film, which, the twice I’ve now seen it, has a thread of darkness running through it that doesn’t resolve in the film but evidently does in the manga (which I haven’t read. May I assume it has been translated into English? Or are you even more of a polymath than your autobio implies?). I am gratified to find that it’s not just my native depression that was sensing something more than the mostly untroubling film presented on its surface.

    Anyway, I need to get back to work, next crafting the small group activity/discussion I’ll ask the students to perform back at school–taking off from your essay. I have quoted it liberally, with full attribution at the beginning and where I chose to end it–with the URL for this site and the Nausicaä page. I cut it off after this passage:

    “Life’s mutilation comes by way of ideas here—ideas belied by ancient technology, which, in this imagined future, are plaguing the individual lives struggling to thrive on a weakened planet. These ideas are relics of a past age that have crossed a vast historical distance and do the most to keep society subjugated as if under the spell of another world. The will to live is kept in check by the empires and their priests spreading needless death but also weakening the environment, further catalyzing death and despair.”

    Tough stuff, dude, but it’s exactly where I want them to go. I may be required to fulfill STEM and Core Curriculum demands in the questions and activities I give the students to work on, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the little darlings actually think about stuff. Heavy stuff. Stuff with no yes/no, black/white, good/evil, on/off answers. I’ll cram some critical thinking skills down their throats, even if it kills us all!

    Thanks, and cheers,

    Roberta McNair

    (P.S. I am so bloody punchy right now that I don’t know if I’m hilarious or pathetic. My deadline has come and gone, but the man I work with at CFI–a very good friend–knows I’ll get the guide in before it’s too late. I haven’t slept since yesterday afternoon, and I was surprised to learn about an hour ago that it’s Thursday. Go figure.)

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