Bank Money vs Sovereign Money: References

I participated in talk  on the overarching and less-understood workings of the monetary system at the US Social Forum in San Jose, California last week called Who’s Money? Our Money!  We’re working on getting a draft of the talking points together into one document, but here is the list of references we draw from in our research (you know, to prove we’re not crazy):

Icelandic Proposal:

Positive Money Website:

Positive Money “Creating a Sovereign Money System.”:

Bank of London “Money Creation in the Modern World.”:

IMF Working Paper: The Chicago Plan Revisited :

Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt.”:

Ellen Brown’s The Public Banking Solution :

USPS Office of the Inspector General “Providing Non-Bank Financial Services for the Underserved.” :

USPS OIG “The Road Ahead for Postal Financial Services.”:

Elizabeth Warren “Coming to a Post Office Near You: Loans You Can Trust?”:

Bank of North Dakota:

Federal Reserve System:


Strike Debt Bay Area:
Twitter: @strikedebtba

Community Check Cashing, Oakland:


Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher, Occupier (until there is a better idea).

2 thoughts on “Bank Money vs Sovereign Money: References”

  1. here’s all we need to now: Article 1 Section 10 United States Constitution: “no State shall make anything but gold or silver [legal] tender for [payment of] debt”…

    all DEBTS: “legal debts” that is, must be accounted in lawful u.s. gold or silver currency. The ratio is now a good 50:1; or 100:1 in reality.

    All bank money is sovereign money at this point, the temple and the state are fused. @ signatures on every bill, they’re right in your wallet, have a look.

    The result is that all this fiat currency should be a benefit to DEBTORS, not creditors. Try reducing your mortgage by a factor of 100 and pay it off with any legal currency, like 10’s and 20’s…

    1. The great thing about the American Constitution is that it can be amended. Rational people can again get together and make changes to better fit the needs and desires of its people. One could amend or otherwise interpret re constitution through the implied powers clause that the power to “coin money” in modern times also means print money….
      I think after the bailouts and QE, this is right: “All bank money is sovereign money at this point, the temple and the state are fused.” However, the benefits from controlling the money supply and where credit is allocated can be redirected to the states/federal government and so become more easily redistributed. We just need the right people in the right offices. You know, the ones with a civic conscience.

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