Technological Limitations

Just as the great problem of our time – Global Warming – was found by the highly advanced and refined instruments of scientific inquiry but cannot be solved by a technological fix; the key to reestablishing an old, communal sensibility in myths of Earth, finite Debt, etc. is “unearthed” in the scientific research in anthropology, but not found in continuing this method. Science is the great helper in solving problems – in narrowing down the scope into its most stark clarity. Science finds the locations, it “unearths” the territories that we must occupy to solve our problems; it does not, however, tell us *why we should care or what our problems are. Science is an empty quest for an elusive knowledge becoming increasingly better equipped to intervene in social concerns.

A mythology, a storytelling that divines: these are decidedly non-scientific undertakings, though study of them can be enhanced by science. The distinction must be held fast and steady. Both complement each other when one does not intrude on the other. This is usually a mistake of the philosopher in claiming to have knowledge of the world from both outside of it and in. But scientists were once just natural philosophers anyways – until skeptics started messing around.



Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher, Occupier (until there is a better idea).

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