From World to Machine

Nothingness as being-not-at-home, falleness, the anxiety of transcending the world (and so constituting the world as a unity as a distanced observer). To overcome this Nihility would mean a reinterpretation of the world as not a distant whole one leaves and views from afar, nor (crucially) is it to re-immerse oneself in the world as if one could become whole again in a reunion with a primordial past. The world must be exposed for what it has always been: a being.

This is more radical than it seems at first glance, since the concept of world is supposed to be in contrast to the self (the Self which One believes One-Self to Be). To shatter the comfortability of self-assertion as something we or one has, owns, or possesses needs a complimentary shattering of the world as a self-contained whole.

But this is not mutual disintegration, it is a mutual fictionalization and multiplication. There are many selves and many worlds. Only in becoming a singular whole does the process of fictionalization begin. The singularity (along with a complimentary multiplicity) as a different conception of being-one; never entirely alone, it nonetheless cannot resist fictionalization. Robots, cyborg war against humanity…

We are afraid of our world crumbling before our eyes. Machines of desire, abstract machines, flesh machines: these will only run away from us in frantically trying to retrieve something we have lost.


Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher, Occupier (until there is a better idea).

2 thoughts on “From World to Machine”

  1. I think the world IS crumbling. But that’s ok. I can’t say I understand all of this post but perhaps it is for me to interpret it as I need to. regardless I did enjoy reading it.

    1. Yeah, it’s meant to send readers off wandering on their own, as when I wrote it.

      I think, rather, that the world has already crumbled. Now we are faced with the much scarier prospect: our ecosystem crumbling. Getting over the loss of world and trusting our machine-like-desires will make acting on this planetary problem less stigmatic.

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