Acceleration Now (or how we can stop fearing and learn to love chaos)

Deterritorial Investigations

The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity as renaissance rationalitization and oceanic navigation lock into commoditization take-off. Logistically accelerating techno-economic interactivity crumbles social order in auto-sophisticating machine runaway. As markets learn to manufacture intelligence, politics modernizes, upgrades paranoia, and tries to get a grip. 1

These are the opening lines of “Meltdown,” a short, hallucinatory psalm, spoken on behalf of the capitalism of the information age and, more specifically, the schizoid bifurcation points occurring in the cracks and fissures it triggers across the globe. Initially impenetrable yet strangely alluring, the text’s language is poetic in form, its progenitors found in critical theory and cyberpunk fiction and film, and its logic machinic and amphetamine addled. The place is the University of Warwick in the early 90s, and the author is a former Continental Philosophy lecturer by the name of Nick Land. “Meltdown: planetary china-syndrome, dissolution of…

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“Direct Reaction at Gezi Gardens” June 14th, 2013

A perfect radical direct action to save an urban garden and confront gentrification thwarted. I look at the beautiful pictures of resisters from Taksim square and think “what has become of San Francisco?”

JNL Radikal Media

The tension, coupled with exhaustion, was visible as we walked up to Patricia’s Green in San Francisco. A call had been put out for the community convergence and by 6 o’clock the park was drawing a small crowd. People trickled in and milled about, sharing some grub and stories from the raid. Some couldn’t help glancing around at the surrounding streets. After the raid, some were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Several were sore and clearly shaken.

Despite the bulldozing of carefully planted crops and the trash compacting of our kitchen (among other belongings), there was a sense of hope in salvaging this fight. Whether a hummingbird or a crow’s eggs will stop more construction permanently is yet to be seen. For now, we face the army guarding the torn up garden beds. Those that scanned the streets had reason to keep an eye out. Cop…

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