The Triumph of Activism

Excellent piece by Hyphy-Republic. This felt like common knowledge to the occupiers on the streets just last year, but has been drowned-out by tired activist discourse and corporate media. Occupy is a movement that merely took successful tactics from the past and attracted a new wave of angry, youthful people. For the most part, there was really nothing wrong with the actions and organization of Occupy (in Oakland anyways), and the problems were largely a result of physical oppression and media distortion.


 The last several decades have represented an extended period of decline for the idea of “activism”. Protest, which in its golden hey-days of pre-institutional labor, anti-war, and civil rights, was an organic powerhouse, using a flexible diversity of tactics. Movements were not tied to a single form of protest, but it was clear that the most effective method of any protest was to be intractable, to seize time and space and not let it go until the establishment began to buckle.

Protest has evolved over the years into institutionalized and funded shell of its former self, where large scale parades and pre-arranged civil disobedience have created toothless hours-long spectacles that scare the organizers—who spend significant energy policing their own protesters—far more than they do the targets of the protests.

No one who has been involved in political action over the past decade can have failed to notice this dynamic, because…

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Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher, Occupier (until there is a better idea).

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