Brian Holmes: Cultural Critique for the 21st Century

A video of a lecture by Brian Holmes outlining a cultural critique that is fit for the present. He integrates multiple levels of critical inquiry and identifies five sites on which to focus:


Holmes’ application of virtual diagrams and maps in the Capitalist machine shows how financialization tried to eliminate risk and created a tight global Capitalist network. His models show a regularity and consistency permeating matter-manipulation in our age that suggest a rigid system who’s control is tightening, but it is also breaking down. Far from perfecting predictability, global financial capitalism has created a renegade system whose inevitable collapse is worsened by its totalization. These moments of crisis are an inherent moment in the system and the wave-nature of matter is appears in Holmes’ models in the ebb and flow of both capital and social movements.

These techno-cartographies combines with subjective performance to highlight how social movements of resistance can take on new forms. His “transdisciplinarity” moves between scientific quantification and personal-social transformation to make for a truly up-to-date cultural critique.

This is a cybernetics that Holmes calls ‘Technopolitics’, that remains cognizant of resistance and effective counter movement. He especially draws on Guattari but also Foucault and Deleuze.

Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher. Building bridges between populism and geopolitics for fellow earthlings.

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