Excercise in Nihilation

We’ve become accustomed to keeping subject and object apart, allowing the self to author, perform, and observe while objects are freely discussed, observed, and used. So why not keep their nihility separate as well?

Neither the subject nor the object should be deprived of nothing, they’ve grown far enough apart to just negate all on their own. Collapsing them back together and reversing the process is a futile enterprise: frustrated by time, stuck in the past. They still share something in nihility, entanglement is just too powerful, but forget about bringing them back together.

Both keep a secret from each other that exists in both of them; but they wouldn’t admit this. It is not enough to put the self in the realm of nothing while the objects enjoy positivity. It is not enough to place nothingness onto the self to study “real things” or to place it in the objects so the self can go on reflecting forever. Neither is privy to nothingness, they share it.

But if you tell them this they will not believe you. Each will exclaim “Nay! It is the other side which is nothing, here there is existence.” Meanwhile, alone in their private, secluded space opened up to the of them, both can finally say “nothing”.

With this time alone they can both let their non-existence wander. Don’t publicize the secret! Then they will have to proclaim their existence to the world, something they couldn’t care less about. By themselves, alone in their hideaways, they can become something else – they can mutate. But if you so much as mention the other then they have to stop in their tracks. Let them explore their nihility! it can take one much farther than any unity-obsessed opposition could ever do!