Poetry, from Me?

How could I let myself stray so far from friends
born of such intense passion?
Severed by choice of one world to another
so suddenly.
And retreat right back as the ebb came
all too predictably.

Leaving friends behind of another world,
strangers no longer, but placed away.
The wave came and gone, and perhaps back again.
To immerse in its flow and perhaps lost again.

To those who fought the lull and remained steadfast
I humbly apologize.
For I am not from this world but took a test spin
Sticking around for thrill and camaraderie.
Not so desperate or in need of assistance,
I fled along with the many to comfort.

Worlds apart no longer feigns excuse,
on first breach their borders broke for good.
To surge forth again of course.
But to stay close for better or worse…


Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher. Building bridges between populism and geopolitics for fellow earthlings.

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