Stuck in Motion

The confusion is between individual decisions and systems operation.  The gap being so wide it feels like no one act by a single person is worth taking, like nothing can be done to alter the course flows of matter are moving along.  The macro and the micro have never looked so different.

The higher ethical power that changing the future, progressing, or earning one’s way into heaven provides just isn’t there.  There is no realistic prospect for a future with human complexity in it when our environment is so thoroughly changed.  Its not that the future is certain and this frightening conclusion is foregone.  It is it feels like this to us: we are divided up into little atoms of “selfs” that can’t form up into anything effective enough to give us hope.  The fear isn’t just of the outcome, but with the means of those with the grip on power: the military technology trickled down to our police.
The war on terror terrorizing the people it is purportedly protecting.  They are not protecting us – the well being of people – especially looking forward into the all too predictable end.  They are maintaining the rhythm of the flow of goods and the credit debt relationships of countries and classes.  This rather is infiltrating the ecological rhythm that has sustained life and our civilization, pushing entities into that rhythm that will destroy our own bodily rhythms in the long run – having made them prosper (for some of us) in the short run.
And so we sit, paralyzed in our many shiny boxes, afraid to come out and challenge what we know is taking us along the path off a cliff.  Stepping off the path is scary for it is unknown.  Its like we take comfort in knowing the end goal is total destruction because we at least can imagine it; another system of good transportation and collective agreement however is a great big empty question mark.  And even worse, if any one musters up the courage to fight back and block the system, they do so knowing that its just them and their friends.  The large proportion of the masses are just too comfortable moving right along: there is comfort in normalcy.
They’ll even slander and roast those that step away and see farther ahead.  At the first notice of deviancy (which comes at light speed via the news control center) the population is polarized having been given option ’yea’ or ’nay’.  But its on their terms, in a loaded question, steering us away from the *right* problems, from asking the *right* questions.
We’re all waiting for a great event when this will all change and there might be reason to hope again.  But the crisis is now.  Every single day this goes on the future looks dimmer and dimmer.  Systems usually take a long process of altering to look qualitatively different, but right now we just don’t have the *time*.
We have to form up and decide collectively to make a giant change; we *need* to *decide*.  We need to force decisions, put the pressure on people, show them that just “going along with it” is no longer an option.  We have to draw lines in the sand and make them thick.  ’I’ must become ’we’.
Which side are you on?  Your every decision henceforth will determine whether you care about life on planet earth 60 years from now.  There is still time, but this time is dissappearing.

Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher, Occupier (until there is a better idea).

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