Some Notes on Fiction, Reality, and Ideas

Fantasy fiction, world of the forms, ideas in the pure conceptual.  Concepts (universal claims, equations of certainty, axioms & deductions) as unreal with a knowledge of their own illusion (auto-critical).  These worlds are not the real world, but they aren’t false or purely negative (or positive Plato) – it is a trajectory, a dream. All structures are built on dreams, be they Middle Earth or an arch (mathematics-numbers aren’t real) or a nation.

Element of difference inside of (and outside of) everything – even matter. Expansion and disequilibrium of quantum mechanics.

Imaginary beings organize, traverse reality (ghosts inhabiting material existence) and form, shape it into things stuff. Think of “forces” that shape atomic structures into atomic elements.

Focusing on the negative, the imaginary, fantasy without laying out a direction or assigning a path for which the movement/energy will carry along.


Author: billrosethorn

(Geo)Philosopher, Occupier (until there is a better idea).

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